Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Guided By Voices - 'Do Be'

To follow on from the previous post, here's another gem I've discovered from Robert Pollard. There's something about this song that has really captivated me this month. Something in the charming intimacy of the recording and Pollard's exuberant delivery of 'daaaarling!' which slightly distorts the sound. It's taken over my month.

This song is off Guided By Voices' 'Suitcase 2', a huge collection of demos and outtakes taken from Pollard's chosen storage receptacle for his recordings - a suitcase. So you're not confused, Guided By Voices is often just Pollard on his own. He would often record only himself playing songs when his friends and bandmates were at work, and 'Do Be' is one of those songs. I can picture Pollard, perched on the edge of his couch and hunched over his guitar one night, singing this song to no one in particular.

I think Pollard has tapped into something big with this song. There's something hugely powerful in this minute of music the man has come up with. No matter how straightforward the song is, as an expression of whatever Pollard was feeling at the time it's untouchable. Musical expression doesn't come any more spontaneous, soulful and imperfect than this. I think more music should left in this state, spending too much time on music by ironing out the creases reduces it's relevance as a mode of self expression and ultimately the impact it can have on the listener. I love the way the guitar and voice is used in such a way by Pollard, what a guy. We can't all be Picasso or Orwell y'know and Pollard keeps it real for us!

Here it is, enjoy!

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